Due to the fact that an Internet site is used to share content with the online world or to find more clients if you offer products and/or services, it is very important to know how it is doing. What you need for that is an in-depth log of the visits to the Internet site - how many new people have opened it, how many have returned, what pages they have visited and many others. It'll be extremely helpful if you know how people discovered your website, particularly if you are running a marketing campaign, as you shall be able to see if people have opened your website directly or if they were referred by a search engine or a portal in which you advertise. This sort of information will help you improve the efficiency of the Internet site and, if required, adjust your advertising practices if various parts of the Internet site should be getting more targeted traffic. Having thorough statistics offers you a better perception of how your Internet site is doing and a better control over your presence online.
Web & FTP Statistics in Shared Hosting
We will give you thorough statistics for all of the sites hosted inside your account on our cloud platform, so you will be able to keep an eye on the visitors for each domain or subdomain which you have. All Linux shared hosting feature two amazing traffic monitoring applications – Webalizer and AWStats which you will be able to access from your Hepsia Control Panel. They will ensure that you get very detailed info through graphs and tables - you will see the first and the last page visited, the most visited webpages, the unique and the returning visitors, the most downloaded data, the referrer sites, the IP addresses of the site visitors and the international locations they come from, and more. Per hour, daily and month-to-month statistics are provided, so that you can see how each of your websites is doing. We also have real-time statistics, so you can observe the number of website visitors and their IPs/countries at any moment.
Web & FTP Statistics in Semi-dedicated Servers
Our semi-dedicated servers include a couple of applications that will offer you a detailed picture of the overall performance of all the sites hosted inside your account. They're called AWStats and Webalizer, and they will offer you all the data that you may require. The information is incredibly thorough, so besides the conventional monthly, day-to-day and hourly site visitor stats, you'll also be able to keep track of things such as the most popular first and last page viewed by your visitors, the search engines that sent them to your site together with the keywords they were searching for, the world-wide web browser and the Operating System they were using, and more. Using this information will permit you to discover which parts of the Internet site perform worse than the others, allowing you to take measures and improve the content, so as to make it more appealing to visitors. You may also modify your advertising and marketing campaigns accordingly to raise the incoming traffic to these pages.